#The Tricorder Project

The Tricorder Project is an ongoing project inspired by the mythical ‘Tricorder’ from the Star Trek series.

The final goal of this project is to create an ever evolving, modular sensor system (preferably handheld) that is capable of measuring a number of physical, environmental, electrical, chemical and biological variables.

The Tricorder Project - Mark I was built and tested over April 2013-July 2013. The device performed admirably under field conditions but turned out to not be very student proof.

The Tricorder project - Mark I is capable of measuring soil/air temperature - separately - while concurrently measuring the amount of ambient Vis & IR light. All the readings taken are displayed on a 84 x 48 monochrome LCD display.

The device comprises the following parts:

  • Arduino Fio x 1
  • SHT-15 sensor in a cyindrical metal mesh casing x 1
  • TSL2561 lux sensor x 1
  • Nokia 5110 48 x 84 monochrome LCD screen x 1
  • A 500mAH LiPo battery x 1
  • Prototyping board x 1
  • On/Off switch x 1
  • Momentary button x 1
  • Red LED x 1
  • Sparkfun project case x 1